Idul Fitri 2012!

Idul Fitri 2012

In August for Lebaran, Family Care Indonesia member Esther visited 2 areas in Pasar Minggu, Cilincing and Pulau Sembilangan to focus on the yearly program of distributing needed food and personal items (sembako) to the widows and the elderly.

Thru Pt. Metro Indonesia, Esther along with friends distributed 350 boxes of sembako packages designated for the underprivileged and less fortunate for the season of Lebaran.

Other packages directly donated by individual friends were also gathered and added to the sembako distribution.

Thank you, Pt. Metro Indonesia for again channeling sembako packages thru Family Care Indonesia to celebrate and make the Idul Fitri celebration special for the underprivileged.

Idul Fitri 2012 Idul Fitri 2012