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Central Java Project

Central Java Project

A regular project Family Care Indonesia has been supporting is Dolandeso in Boro, Kulon Progo outside of Yogyakarta. This is a project to give students from upper class schools the opportunity to live in a village and experience nature and learn about the simple things in life that often they are out of touch with due to the fast paced gadget filled life in society today.

We are realizing that there are certain aspect of life that are missing in modern society which cannot be obtained by knowledge based education but that the village community richly possesses and that villagers themselves can actually teach us these virtues when given the opportunity.

Central Java Project This month we brought 18 high school students from the Gandhi International School in Bali to Boro for 4 days of this life changing experience. The students were divided up in groups of 2 and placed in a family home to be involved in everything their foster family did for a living, this meant waking before the sun comes up, going to the market, working in the rice fields and cooking at home.

It was amazing to see these students slowly change from their first day of complaining about almost everything in their new physical situation without conveniences and then to see them actually crying when leaving their temporary foster parents and sharing what they learned from the 4 day experience, predominately on the topic of appreciation and thankfulness, simple but extremely priceless virtues.

Central Java Project We always consider it an honor to participate and be a small part in changing hearts and minds through this magical experience. A special thanks to the mangers of Dolandeso and their vision with this project.