October 2012 Project Update

Trainer Program in Kalimantan Timur

Trainer Program in Kalimantan Timur

Family Care Indonesia member Sharon joined Provisi Education in giving a training seminar along with another Indonesian trainer to 50 PAUD teachers in the small town of Kuaru, Kalimantan Timur. Sharon gave a presentation on how to teach sight-reading at an early age as well as teaching character values to PAUD students.

Trainer Program in Kalimantan Timur







Presentation at Binus

Presentation at Binus Presentation at Binus

Family Care Indonesia Member Gary did several presentations this month with the students at Binus International School, Serpong on the concept of being thankful for their blessings and realizing that we all have many blessings from God that place us in a higher position than many other of the world’s children. After appreciating their position of privilege they also find themselves in a position to give and help the less fortunate. The response was overwhelming as the children saw the need to reach out and help others.

Serpong Orphanage

Serpong Orphanage

Family Care Indonesia volunteers Pierre & Andre recently visited an orphanage in Serpong. At the orphanage they gave the children a STEPS Character Building Kit, some Scott's Emulsion vitamins, and food.





English for Homeschool Kids

English for Home-school Kids

Family Care Indonesia members recently volunteered at a non-formal school that provides education for the National Diploma for homeschooling students, Sekolah Alfa Alhusna. Each one wants to learn more English to pass their National Exams and to more easily achieve their future dreams.





West Kalimantan Projects

West Kalimantan Projects

Family Care Indonesia members Albert, Fivi and Andre went again to West Kalimantan to continue their projects. In Pontianak they visited two orphanages to distribute vitamin supplements and clothing to the children and spend special time with the children.

Next they travelled to Singkawang and Pemankat to do two programs for Pemangkat High School students for National Youth Day to encourage unity and build Indonesia. The thankful students joined us in the activities.

West Kalimantan Projects

In Singkawang they held five Parent’s and Teacher’s Seminars to encourage and give fresh ideas to teachers from many remote schools. One teacher who travelled for two hour by motor cycle said, "…this is the first time we have been able to partake of this input and receive encouragement for our work."



Timor Island Projects

Timor Island Projects Timor Island Projects Timor Island Projects

Family Care Indonesia members Angel and Richard traveled again to Atambua and surrounding districts on Timor Island where they have been working for over 6 years and have helped establish a school which now has over 160 students.

During this time of visiting schools and talking with students of many regional schools they encouraged the students to do their best for their future along with helping to distribute over 12,000 donated school text books. In some cases the children had not had their own copies of text books before.

Jawa Barat- Kuningan

Jawa Barat- Kuningan Jawa Barat- Kuningan

Esther and Vincent visited Jawa Barat-Kuningan to channel 200 boxes of Scott's Emulsion Vitamins to 7 schools and they distributed 10 sponsored STEPS Character Building Kit to several PAUD schools and other schools in Kuningan along with milk and hygiene needs to local villages.