October 2011 Project Update

Rote Island

Rote Island

Family Care Indonesia members Nicolas and Frances visited the Island of Rote to survey the areas for future projects as well as visiting the only orphanage on this remote Island where they donated Snacks and Stationery to the 340 children there.




Food Distribution in NTT

Food Distribution in NTT

In response to 8 months of drought in the NTT region of Indonesia, several friends sponsored a trip for Family Care Indonesia members Esther, Francis and Nicolas to be able to go to the region and channel needed finances to those affected and to help with basic food packages.

Our visit to 6 small village areas was received with great gratitude by the few hundred Families who received these food packages.

We wanted to honour and thank our friends for their generous giving that made such a big difference to these needy families.

Food Distribution in NTT Food Distribution in NTT Food Distribution in NTT






Medan and Siantar

Medan and Siantar Medan and Siantar Medan and Siantar

Family Care Indonesia volunteers visited 3 orphanages in Medan and Siantar where they conducted Musical Programs, did Balloon Art with the children and donated Food Supplies and Reading Materials for the children.

Rumah Kasih Orphanage in Lembang

Rumah Kasih Orphanage in Lembang

For the past three months Family Care Indonesia volunteers have paid regular visits to Rumah Kasih Orphanage in Lembang to bring needed supplies and offer Motivational English classes and inspiration for the children and teens there.

The visits are part of a long-range program of Institutional Support at the Orphanage.




Upon hearing about the fire at the Sonaf Manekat orphanage Family Care Indonesia volunteer Vicky brought dinner to the orphans and later, delivered needed towels, mattresses, and bed sheets to the orphans.

Many thanks to our sponsors who made these donations possible.

Berastagi, Kabubaten Karo, North Sumatra

Berastagi, Kabubaten Karo, North Sumatra

Gary and Nicolas teamed up for one week to conduct and participate in 12 meetings ranging from a Parenting and Teacher’s Seminar to Motivational Presentations along with a two hour presentation on Radio Gray FM. In all there were 1,480 attendees.

A Seminar on Hygiene was held for adults and teenagers and another for kindergarten children focusing on washing hands and cleaning teeth correctly. Two presentations focused on the topic, "Nothing is Impossible – Never Give Up" and one on handling problems and disappointments in life. The Seminar "How to Educate / How to be an Effective Parent and Build Character in Children" received many positive responses. One such response was, "My mother and sister were very blessed by your teaching about children. Thank you."

In addition many hours were spent in personal conversations and informal counseling sessions with those who wanted to discuss life-matters and personal situations in greater depth.

Through the generosity of several sponsors, Family Care Indonesia distributed educational and character building materials including 112 books, 50 sets of Seminar Notes, 290 Comic Fliers, 170 Activity Books, and 12 Teacher’s Handbooks, 19 VCDs, 2 DVDs, along with the Early Bird Reader course, Memorization Materials, Motivational Booklets and a computer software educational program.

Berastagi, Kabubaten Karo, North Sumatra Berastagi, Kabubaten Karo, North Sumatra