May 2011 Project Update

Subsidized Food Program Cilincing Marunda

Subsidized Food Program Cilincing Marunda, North Jakarta

For the past two years Family Care Indonesia volunteers have collaborated with the Putri Kasih Sisters in assisting low-income families in the Cilincing neighborhood of Marunda, North Jakarta. Subsidized Food Program Cilincing Marunda, North Jakarta

The residents are fisherman, trash recyclers and widows. FCI supports the subsidized food program by supplying food and budgets which enable residents to buy necessities such as rice, milk powder, cooking oil, etc. at very low prices. FCI also supports an infant nutrition program. While mingling with the residents, we are able to offer encouragement as well as help locate assistance to meet other needs in the community.

Projects in Surabaya

Projects in Surabaya Projects in Surabaya

At the end of May Family Care Indonesia volunteers, Nicolas and Marc, conducted 2 projects in Surabaya donating educational materials and toys to the Don Bosco orphanage.

In addition they conducted a character building seminar for 14 teacher of the Emaus Foundation.

Solo Berseri

Solo Berseri

Family Care Indonesia volunteers made a two week visit to Solo and the surrounding area. The team made numerous personal visits with friends along with visiting several pre-schools introducing the STEPS character building program which is sure to be a tremendous asset to the pre-school children. Solo Berseri

While in Jebres, Gulon they visited Pak Walidi who has a problem with one leg that necessitates him using a cane and makes it difficult for him to give house to house counsel.

Volunteers offered comfort and motivation to the inhabitants around Karang Pandan who are predominantly farmers or street vendors. They then traveled 20 km through the hill side to arrive in the village of Menjing, Karanganyar where they had similar activities with the local people who are also farmers, laborers, and market sellers.

Special thanks to those who supported this activity and made it possible.

Visit to new YKAKI Center in Slipi

Visit to new YKAKI Center in Slipi

This month, Family Care Indonesia volunteers made a 2nd visit to the new Yayasan Kasih Anak Kanker Indonesia (YKAKI) center in Slipi. Volunteers brought a lively and heartwarming program of interactive activities to the cancer patients and their parents.

The mothers especially enjoyed the English learning games and having a good laugh together.

Plans are underway for FCI volunteers to celebrate buka puasa and Idul Fitri with the YKAKI children and parents in the Ramadan month this year.

Please let us know if you would like to sponsor a meal or gifts for the children.