July 2014 Project Update

Program Idul Fitri

Program Idul Fitri The month of fasting which started at end of June is always a busy month for Family Care Indonesia. The following photos of our essential food distribution in Jakarta were in the areas of Pasar Minggu and Lenteng Agung where we concentrated on the elderly.

Sharing the blessings in this way is made possible through the giving of our wonderful friends and Yayasan Harapan Baru. We would like to thank everyone who continues to commit to supporting our efforts to share the spirit of Idul Firtri to those we meet. Happy Idul Fitri 2014!

Team to Manado, North Sulawesi

Team to Manado, North Sulawesi Terry instructs teachers in a small village outside Manado where we gather with 7 (PAUD) and preschool teachers. Each teacher is given a copy of the STEPS Character Building Curriculum Set in Indonesian with a short seminar on how to use the set.




Team to Timor and Alor

Team to Timor and Alor This month Angel and Monica traveled to Atambua, Timor Island to check on the construction of the third school building on the site for needy children in that area. This third building will add an extra 3 class rooms. The project is proceeding well and should be finished before the end of the year.

From Atambua they proceeded to Alor Island to host several Teacher Training seminars and deliver 12 sets of the Indonesian STEPS Character Building Curriculum sets to be used in the (Paud) preschools there. The teachers were so thankful for the encouragement and inspirational input as being so far removed from the main islands sometimes they feel very isolated.

After Alor they went back to Kupang where they delivered 120 sets of donated uniforms to needy children at a fishing village and had a good time of activities with the very thankful students and teachers.

We do want to thank those who helped with these programs. Your help is going so far to improve the lives of many.

Team to Timor and Alor Team to Timor and Alor







Other Projects in July 2014

Other Projects in July 2014 Family Care Indonesia volunteers conduct a mini seminar on “Developing your Talents” for students from Papua and NTT studying with Yayasan Hope Asia in BSD, Tangerang.





Other Projects in July 2014 Family Care Indonesia volunteers Daniel and Sharon visit Anyer to distribute donated stationary to a small (PAUD) preschool. This preschool we have visited regularly for the past 2 years.



Other Projects in July 2014 Daniel begins recording Indonesian audio to be used on inspirational video.