February 2010 Project Update

Combating Malnutrition in North Jakarta

Combating Malnutrition and Helping Special Needs Children

This month Family Care Indonesia members, along with Hotel Kristal staff members, visited Cilincing, an urban slum area in north Jakarta where FCI has supported an on-going infant nutrition program for many years. The regular donations of milk powder and other baby food items, as well as the financial assistance that FCI has been able to coordinate for this project, has been very much appreciated by both the parents and children suffering from nutritional lacks. FCI channels their support through The Pondok Rosalie Rendu organization in Cilincing.

Once again in 2010, thanks to our concerned donors and friends, FCI has been able to commit manpower and time to making a difference in the lives of children suffering from malnutrition in Cilincing. --A very heartfelt thank you to Hotel Kristal and all of our donors who support this project.

Helping Special Needs Children

Combating Malnutrition and Helping Special Needs Children Friends of Family Care Indonesia from “Oxygen” collected donations enabling us to buy backpacks, color pencils, writing books, pencils, erasers, towels and other toiletry items for the students at Nur Abadi Special Needs School in Jakarta.

FCI volunteers distributed the supplies and provided a motivational puppet show for the children while one of the teachers assisted with sign language since some of the children are deaf. Thanks to our kind sponsors, all of the children, along with the teachers, staff and volunteers, enjoyed a delicious lunch as well as some lively and motivating entertainment. --All part of a special day designed to express loving care and attention to the children at Nur Abadi.

Assisting Desa Putra Foundation in Jakarta

Assisting Desa Putra Foundation in Jakarta

This month saw a special visit to the Desa Putra Orphanage where Family Care Indonesia has an on-going food donation program, made possible by the help of our sponsors. Brother Tarsius of Desa Putra had asked if FCI a volunteers could interact with the young people at the orphanage in order to help enhance their social manners and communication skills; with the tradeoff that our volunteers could, in exchange, improve their understanding of Indonesian language and culture.

The project received a lively “kick off!” with a united football game which raised enthusiastic responses on both sides. We look forward to continuing this language and cultural exchange at Desa Putra in the months to come.