August 2010 Project Update

Educational Seminar Follow Up in Kulon Progo

Educational Seminar Follow Up in Kulon Progo

Family Care Indonesia volunteers returned this month to Kulon Progo, Jogjararta. The main purpose for this trip was to deliver television sets for the 9 pilot (PAUD—Pendidikan Anak Usia Dini) groups that were established in the Kulon Progo area after the seminars.

During our seminar in March we distributed Audio/Vision educational materials to each of the PAUD groups in the area. The 9 pilot groups were set up to do reports on how the material was being used and these groups were each given a VCD player.

Thanks to sponsors in Jakarta we were able to give televisions to the 9 pilot groups

YKAKI “Buka Puasa” Activities and our “Cheer Up” Program

Family Care Indonesia and friends had a wonderful time participating in opening the fast or “buka puasa” with cancer patients and their parents at Yayasan Kasih Anak Kanker this month.

Through the generous support of our friends, we were able to bring a delicious meal to share with the children, parents and staff members. A very big thank you to all those who gave towards this special event!

A big part of our institutional support is taking time to encourage and interact with the patients, parents, and staff members.

Each visit includes an interactive program of activities designed to give encouragement and inspiration to both the children and the parents in their fight against cancer.

For the children, there is usually a fun educational video clip or a clown show. This is followed by an arts and crafts project and games for the children while the moms are participating in some lively English language learning games that keeps everyone on their toes and having a good laugh. Best of all, we are able to offer hope and encouragement to the moms and children as well as the staff members.

In order to meet the growing need of these young cancer patients, YKAKI has opened a second center this month and we hope to include this second center as part of our “cheer up!” program as well.

Sembilangan Island Repainting the School

Sembilangan Island Repainting the School

Sembilangan is a fish–farming village in Bekasi, West Jakarta. Family Care Indonesia has been an active promoter of development here for the past 8 years, managing an ongoing program to enlarge and renovate the elementary school. We maintain a salary subsidy for the elementary level teachers and last year were active in helping a friend set up a library in this school.

As part of our oversight and maintenance of the school on Sembilangan a boatload of FCI volunteers headed out to the island to give the school a new coat of paint. Thanks to our generous sponsors we had plenty of paint and spent the day repainting the school.

Nutrition Program in Cilincing

Family Care Indonesia volunteers revisited the Cilincing area to follow-up on the progress of the “Nutrition Program” that is one of our monthly commitments in combating malnutrition for young children. We continue to provide 25kg of milk powder for ages 11/2 years and older and SGM formula for newborns on up to 11/2 years of age.

A big thank–you to our regular donors supporting this project!