April 2010 Project Update

Educational Support in Flores

Educational Support in Flores

-- Over 500 educational packs given out!
-- Eight schools and nearly 2,000 students benefited!

Family Care Indonesia's ongoing development projects in Eastern Indonesia were further consolidated by a recent follow-up visit to Flores Island. A team of six FCI volunteers spent twelve days in Flores distributing over 1 ton of donated educational supplies to poor schools in the mountainous area of west Flores.

Visiting eight different schools--some of which have been supported by FCI since 2007 --volunteers distributed over 500 educational packs and stationery kits to more than 1,500 children. Hundreds of children in these isolated and remote areas also received stuffed animals and sports equipment which had been supplied by donors in Jakarta and Surabaya.

On this visit, FCI volunteers also assessed the educational needs in four additional villages. These villages are in even more remote mountainous areas and have an even greater need for educational supplies.

Educational Support in Flores

While visiting the villages, the teachers explained the urgent need for pre-school education there. As a result, most children enter the school system with no concept of reading or writing and are often unable to speak Indonesian since a local dialect is spoken at home. In fact, when visiting the first and second grade classrooms, FCI volunteers needed an interpreter along to translate from Indonesian to the local dialect so that the children could understand.

FCI plans to address the needs of these remote villages as well and garner support for the establishment of pre-school programs there.

Orphanage Support Projects in Sumatra

Orphanage Support Projects in Sumatra The Family Care Indonesiaa team in Medan continues its program of orphanage support. In the last two months, volunteers have distributed food staples, books, clothing and chairs to the Santa Angela Orphanage in Deli Tua, the Sungai Air Hidup and Karya Tulus orphanages in Tuntungan, as well as Yayasan Kemuliaan Anak Bangsa in Namorambe.

“Thank you!” to all of our sponsors who regularly support this project. You are making a better world!